The Omnipresence Of Adenosine Triphosphate

The Omnipresence Of Adenosine Triphosphate

Every living thing requires a constant supply of nutrients to survive. These nutrients carry out many actions in the being’s system, from repairing or replacing old entities to carrying out simple biochemical activities. Nutrients also serve as an energy source to the organism, which is required to maintain the activeness of the being’s system. The energy form in which the chemical energy provided by nutrients is stored is called Adenosine triphosphate or in its shorter form; ATP.

ATP exists as an energy-rich molecule

ATP exists as an energy-rich molecule belonging to a family of macromolecules called nucleic acids. Other important molecules in this group are ADP, DNA, and RNA. ATP like every other nucleic acid contains a nitrogenous base, in its case adenine, a pentose sugar called ribose and phosphate group. The molecule is used by every known living being to trap the energy derived from energy-giving nutrients, these are carbs, lipids, and in some rare cases proteins.

The Omnipresence Of Adenosine Triphosphate

It is produced via different mechanisms in different organisms, but they all follow a similar pattern. ATP is produced by every organism through the phosphorylation of ADP or AMP with inorganic phosphate, a reaction that is achieved via various means in many organisms. The energy is stored in the P-P bond found in the structure of ATP, and this energy can be accessed by breaking the P-P.

Apart from its energy storage plus supply importance, ATP is also an important constituent of DNA and RNA. DNA is present in every eukaryote, it accounts for the genetic makeup of almost every living thing. Beings without DNA usually have RNA as their genetic material, this includes every prokaryote and some viruses. It is similarly found in eukaryotes, plus it is a vital material in the production/translation of DNA in a cell. With the massive importance of this molecule called ATP, it is not just present in every living thing, a thing can’t live without it.

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