The ATP And ADP Cycle

The ATP And ADP Cycle

Several processes occur in your body that helps maintain plus make your body healthy and keep it functioning. The disruption of these bodily processes normally leads to a type of medical condition or even the death of a person. This paints how important these processes are in your body. Many of these functions are biochemical, others may be mechanical or could be any other type of process. Cellular activities occur with the use of several organic materials which are mainly provided from diets. Food taken into your alimentary canal is broken down into simple forms via a process called digestion.

After digestion, the resultant smaller particles

After digestion, the resultant smaller particles are absorbed into your bloodstream which channels it to your cells present in your body. Cells use the substances obtained from food to carry out different activities at the subcellular level, one of which is to generate energy. Energy trapped in few derivatives from food like glucose is extracted by multiple cellular metabolisms, it is then stored in a macromolecule known as Adenosine triphosphate. The production of ATP mainly occurs in the mitochondria of the cell, that’s why it is also known as the powerhouse of a cell. However, a few amounts of ATP are yet produced in some other parts of the cell like the cytoplasm.

The ATP And ADP Cycle

ATP is produced at some stages of some metabolic pathways that occur inside a cell. When chemical energy is released from a substance that is undergoing a metabolic breakdown, this energy is used to create a high energetic P-P bond between Adenosine diphosphate/ADP and inorganic phosphate/Pi to form ATP. This ATP formed can be used by the cell to carry out various cellular activities that will require energy to initiate. The energy stored inside ATP is released when a P-P bond/bonds present in the molecule are broken.

When this occurs, ATP is either converted to ADP or AMP depending on the number of phosphate groups that were removed during the process. The shuffle between ATP and ADP exists as an all-important cycle in ensuring the survival of organisms.

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