How To Diffentiate ATP From A Nucleotide

How To Diffentiate ATP From A Nucleotide

The human body consists of a series of activities that allow it to function properly. A vital feature that enables people to stay healthy and active is energy. When the supply of energy is in low, your body will not be active and unable to carry out its functions. The role of ATP is involved in moving energy in your body. It has a unique function as it works to ensure constant supply of energy to every part of the body. While nucleotide is concerned with storage of genetic details in the body, ATP helps to move energy within cells to all vital parts.

Almost every living thing including animals

Almost every living thing including animals have this energy supplying component. This energy is derived from the breakdown of food particles, after this process, the ATP will then use the chemical energy which is then released to other parts of the body. The energy produced in the process is used by the body to enhance certain reactions, transport any substances required by the body to different parts, and lastly helps in getting the body active.

How To Diffentiate ATP From A Nucleotide

A nucleotide is different from ATP, these are molecules which serves as building blocks for DNA. With ATP, they are mostly concerned with energy storage, it involves series of activities which consists of breaking down of food into energy level. The energy produced can then be supplied to other parts of the body. Nucleotide are limited to transporting chemical energy while ATP transports energy which is broken down already. Their similarity is that they both transport energy that enables your body to be active and healthy.

This is another reason everybody on the planet has a unique identity because of different genetic make up. While ATP is concerned with storing and transmitting energy to other parts of the body through cells, nucleotide serves as energy moving molecules.

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