Full Meaning Of ATP, ADP, and Pi

Full Meaning Of ATP, ADP, and Pi

Humans have always been curious to understand things that exist in their external and internal environment. A way we used to make sense of these entities is by giving them a name and a definition. This was done in various ethnic groups in different languages used in several countries. We even went as far as giving ourselves names as a means of identification. Even the good book holds it to be true that the only task that was given to man according to the bible was to give a name to everything that exists. The onset of scientists as a way of life among the human population brought a new era of naming entities.

Scientists seek to understand the workings

Scientists seek to understand the workings of the whole universe and in their quest of getting this done, they are tasked with giving names to their discoveries. Adenosine triphosphate in shorter terms is referred to in the scientific world as ATP. This macromolecule is produced by all-known living organisms from a metabolic breakdown of food items or energy-producing nutrients.

Full Meaning Of ATP, ADP, and Pi

ATP helps trap this chemical energy derived from the breaking down of food plus can be in turn used by your cell to carry out different cellular activities. When energy trapped inside ATP is used up it is converted into ADP and Pi. ADP means Adenosine diphosphate, it belongs to the same molecular group as ATP. It is also similar in structure to ATP with the only difference being short of one phosphate group. That is, ATP contains 3 phosphate groups while ADP contains just two.

They both have a single ribose and one adenine as its nitrogenous base. Pi means inorganic phosphate, it is mainly supplied to your body via presence in diets as minerals. It exists as an important constituent of both ATP and ADP. Pi forms P-P bonds with itself which traps a huge amount of energy that is released into your system when these bonds are broken.

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