Discrepancies between ATP, DNA and RNA

Discrepancies between ATP, DNA and RNA

DNA is the genetic makeup that houses all traits and characteristics of people transferred from parents to their young ones. It has a double-helical structure, having several bonds holding its molecule tightly together. DNA is found in the center of all eukaryotic cells housing the codes that instructs a cell on what to do. RNA is also found in abundance where DNAs are and in cytosols, they are needed for producing polypeptides.

To produce proteins such as enzymes

To produce proteins such as enzymes required to catalize different reactions in cells, Ribonucleic Acids are needed. In synthesizing all proteins de novo, several RNAs are required to work together as instructed by DNA. First, a segment of DNA, known as a gene coding for a specific trait or protein triggers the production of a messenger RNA, mRNA. This mRNA travels from the nucleus into the cytoplasm to the 30s or 80s ribosomes which act on it to produce proteins.

Discrepancies between ATP, DNA and RNA

Adenosine triphosphate, is responsible for carrying and releasing energy used to carry out all needed reactions in cells. It’s the end product derived from oxidation of metabolic fuels like carbs, proteins, and fats in body systems utilized as energy carriers. The ATP, DNA, and RNA are always present in the Cytosol or nucleus of each cell, DNA directs cells on what to do. RNAs carried out instructions dished out by DNA to other parts of a cell or produce proteins to perform these actions.

While ATP is a force that drives the execution of all instructions directed by DNA and facilitated by RNA. Three of them work together to keep biological systems functioning with high efficiency. DNA synthesis occurs daily in a person’s lifetime, different enzymes help in the process, RNAs are produced by orders. For example, when there’s high blood sugar after a high-carb meal, the DNA will instruct the cells to produce “insulin”.

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